Friday, 22 February 2013

Apologize: What is The Value of Sorry?

Its common to say "sorry" when someone doing something bad, mistakes or hurting other. However, without taking any further action that you are totally sorry for things that you have done, is it enough to simply say sorry? 

Then, what is the value of sorry? Simply a combination of 5 letters start with S? or more valuable than that?

I wanna share a story to all my beloved readers. Someone broke my computer on Disember 2012. She accidently fall it down from the table. The consequences are my hard disk broke, windows can't start, i can't fully close the screen and the wire almost detect from the screen.

With trust, i gave my lattop to her with hope that she will fix it as soon as possible. I understand that we were having exam until 24th January 2013, so i didn't push her so much to repair it. She gave it to her friend to fix it. 

On 9th Feb, she return it and my latop become WORSE. I am waiting for almost 2 months just to see my lattop become worse. My 4th semester start and i need it badly. Waiting for 2 months and it worse? Can you imagine what my feeling that time?

Guess what did she say? YESS, she did say sorry.

" I am sorry and feel so bad for you, Nina " She said
" Your sorry can't fix my PC. I need it badly" I replied
" At least i'm saying something SWEET." She replied back 

If someone hit you by car, you are bleeding and the driver said:
" You look so nice today. Owh, unfortunately you are bleeding but don't worry, you still look handsome/beautiful. By the way, i have to go. I have meeting, i have to look after for my mum and so on. See ya "

Concrete and abstract.
Words remain as an abstract (something that you can't see) without followed by an action to make it concrete (real).

A lover won't be loved by his girlfriend by simply said "i love you" without any action that show his love. Same goes to "sorry". It will remain as words without any further action to show that you are really sorry.


Fixed things that you messed up.

# Imagine that U. S. President fail to run the country and simply said SWEET things.

" Its normal. Its an accident. Its a fate. I am so sorry American. I love you. Please choose me for next election. I love you American. "  (=,='')

----- Borrowing friend's PC---------


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Assalamualaikum dear,
    I know how hard it must have been for u
    to deal with such crisis.
    I know how bad your feeling must have been when someone has crumpled your trust and simply said nice things and sorry to fix the situation, still it just won't work right?
    I couldn't do anything for you dear.
    But i hope i could make u feel a lil bit better.
    honey, every problems must have its best solution.
    You may talk to her nicely and tell her that you really need it.
    Or not,mintak ganti rugi dari dia.
    A Cash for example? So u can send your laptop to the rightful 'fixer'.
    Sebagai manusia,she should at least be responsible untuk barang yang sudah dipinjam.
    Its an amanah.
    She has broke her amanah that u gave her.
    And u have the right to claim it.

    U gave her ur laptop with trust arent you.
    If nothing works out even dah slow talk dengan dia, just pray that Allah will guide u to make a right decision.
    I will pray for the best for you okay ?
    No offense ye dear. Banyak bersabar,ada ganjarannya Inshaallah :)

    1. tQ so much dear..betul2... kadang2 trfikir juga if decision y kita buat ni adil atau x,,smoga Allah tunjukkn samaada sya wat decision y betul atau tidak..waiting 4 her to give me d money.. Not only d latop, but she broke my trust s well

  3. sorry is simple word but hard to express.. in your situation im understand because i even happen to me

    1. hard to xpress..xoxo hope u settle wif it oredy :)


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