Monday, 11 February 2013

Dunia Bukan Syurga

Repost- post asal 16/01/13

Last wednesday, i went out for Russian class replacement. On the way balik rumah, i was bullied by Russian. How??? I'm using one of the Russian transport called Tram to reach home. Before entering the tram, i have to scratch my Transport card. Since i'm paying for one month, i can use it unlimited with 3 minute gap. 

    When i already scratch my card, ready to enter the trem, there was a russian FEMALE push me away from the entrance hardly and used my entrance. So, i have to let the other passenger to go first since i have to wait for 3 minute. 

   SERIOUSLY? 3 minute??? Standing alone at the entrance while 'mata-mata liar' watching me as a stranger, a foreigner. 
   @#$%!!! Yeah, that was i thought at the first place. Is it because i'm small, they can easily bulling me? I am all alone without my family around, surrounded with people who are totally different with me. Siapalah tidak sedih dan down kan? I kept thinking but my thought keep me sad and unhappy.
   Another case during form 4 which i'm a new student, was bullied by my senior. She asked me to washed her clothes. (harharhar now, this thing turn to something funny for me to remember)

trem by

The night that my card used by the Russian, seriously i was cried. Yeah, i felt so sad man. My confident level totally down. After tired of crying, i open my lattop and facebooking. I saw a post about Palestinian. His house and shop were bombed by Israel's army. A journalist ask him,

" How you feel about it?"
"Allah sent those people to test me" he said with smile without sadness in his face.

Subhanallah, this post moved me. I realise something BIG.

If you were bullied, if you were treat badly or no matter how cruel world treat and against you, LA TAHZAN, jangan bersedih.

Allah sending those people to test you and the most important thing is, Allah try to speak to you, telling you that

         "WORLD is not HEAVEN"

                   "DUNIA bukan SYURGA"

Dunia bukan taman-taman syurga yang mengalir sungai dibawahnya. Dunia, tempat berkumpulnya yang beriman dan yang kafir, yang melakukan kebaikan juga kejahatan, yang membina juga yang merosak, yang memerlukan keadilan juga yang menindas dan dipenuhi dengan undang-undang dunia yang tidak pernah adil. So, how can we expect world to be just like heaven and peaceful place to stay? NO!!! Jauh sekali beza antara dunia dan syurga. Dunia bukan syurga.

Those people which Allah send is a reminder for me, for all of us untuk sentiasa merindukan syurgaNya, tempat dimana penghuni-penghuninya berbahagia dan bergembira menikmati hidup yang hakiki lagi abadi.

"Pada ketika hari terjadi kiamat, pada hari itu, manusia terpecah-pecah dalam kelompok. 
Maka, ada pun orang-orang yang beriman dan mengerjakan kebajikan, maka mereka dalam taman syurga bergembira. 
Dan adapun orang-orang kafir yang mendustakan ayat-ayat kami serta mendustakan pertemuan dengan hari akhirat, maka mereka tetap berada di dalam azab neraka" Surah Ar- Rum (30) Ayat 14-16

 "Maka, bersabarlah engkau, sungguh, janji Allah itu benar dan jangan sekali-sekali sampai orang-orang yang tidak meyakini kebenaran ayat-ayat Allah itu mengelisahkan engakau" Surat Ar- Rum Ayat 60

Dulu, kini dan masa akan datang, buang marah dan dendam pada someone that doing bad thins to you. Instead of HATE, convert it to MISS. Rindu.. Rindu pada siapa? Rindu pada Allah, rindu pada syurgaNya yang tiada siapa yang akan saling menyakiti.



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