Sunday, 10 February 2013

MR. COLD is here + Miss Pisang Goreng = Heaven

Gambar ni di ambil dekat VDNKH, outside our X-HOSTEL hahaha actually this picture for the last winter.

Today, i went out to Izmailovskaya for my Philosophy's zachut.

I'm freezing out there. Its -21°C already. SEJUKNyerrrrrr,,,, Balik jer, sampai rumah, think about eating something panas2 macam.. PISANG GORENG and take some hot chocolate untuk panaskan badan. Buka peti sejuk, goreng pisang, maka jadilah pisang goreng.

Pisang goreng, Moscow. Mana mau cari :)
(walaupun rupa dia x la memberansangkan sangat tapi boleh la)

Owh gosh, dapat makan pisang goreng dekat Moscow ni, pergh, HEAVEN. Pisang tu actually bukan pisang untuk digoreng and serious da masak tapi... I'm craving for this PISANG GORENG. Like i mention before, heaven dapat makan pisang goreng.. Sedap giler. 

Untuk resepi pisang goreng yang sedap dan banyak lagi resepi-resepi lain, 

Hot chocolate untuk orang sihat macam saya :) seriously nice

Alhamdulillah, already dapat banyak zachut. I'm done with my Histology, Phisiology, Pyscology, Philosophy, Bioethicks, Emergency Medical, Pyhsical Education, Nursing and maybe i forget some subject.  Have to collect few zachut left, Anatomy, Russian Class and biochemistry.. 

Fuhh.. Have to focus on my Exam for Anatomy and Histology 0_O but i'm ending here posting THIS story.


  1. wauu best nya

    1. best2.. :) macam heaven dpt mkn my febret food sejuk2 :) Done follow u


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