Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lautan Terpisah Dua: Bukti Kebenaran Al-Quran

Video ini membuktikan kebenaran Surat Ar-Rahman ayat 19 dan 20 yang berbunyi:

مرج البحرين يلتقيان ؛ بينهما برزخ لا يبغيان ؛

“Dia membiarkan dua lautan mengalir yang keduanya kemudian bertemu. Antara keduanya ada batas yang tidak dilampaui masing-masing.” (QS. Ar-Rahman: 19-20)
Inilah video tersebut, yang memperlihatkan aliran dua lautan yang tidak pernah bercampur, seolah-olah ada sekat atau dinding yang memisahkannya.

Subhanallah, Maha Besar Allah Yang Maha Agung. Ternyata air laut yang tidak bercampur itu benar-benar ada.

Ayat lain yang menceritakan fenomena yang sama terdapat pada Surat Al-Furqan ayat 53 yang berbunyi:

وهو الذي مرج البحرين هذا عذب فرات وهذا ملح أجاج وجعل بينهما برزخا وحجرا محجورا

“Dan Dialah yang membiarkan dua laut yang mengalir (berdampingan); yang ini tawar lagi segar dan yang lain asin lagi pahit; dan Dia jadikan antara keduanya dinding dan batas yang menghalangi.” (QS. Al-Furqaan: 53)

Dua lautan yang tidak bercampur itu terletak di Selat Gibraltar, selat yang memisahkan benua Afrika dan Eropa, tepatnya antara negera Moroko dan Spanyol.

Info: Layar Minda

Monday, 25 November 2013

Angola Banned Islam


Tear automatically drop from my eyes. While others muslim are proud with unique structure of other religious places, built with majestic, our mosques destroyed one by one.
St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow which attract thousands of visitor 
Based on News report, Islam was banned in Angola due to the process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

"This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country," President Jose Edurado dos Santos told the Osun Defence daily.

Angola is a majority-Christian nation of about 16 million people, of whom an estimated 55 percent are Catholic, 25 percent belong to African Christian denominations, 10 percent follow major Protestant traditions, and 5 percent belong to Brazilian Evangelical churches. Only 80,000 to 90,000 Angolans are Muslim
The media reports have not described why Islam would need to be legalized, considering its presence in the country for many years. reports that the African economic news agency Agence Ecofin wrote that Cruz made the statement at an appearance last week before the 6th Commission of the National Assembly. The website goes on to note that, "According to several Angolan newspapers, Angola has become the first country in the world to ban Islam and Muslims, taking first measures by destroying mosques in the country."

However, some news reported than Angola denies this news that Angola banned Islam.
HasbunAllahi Wani'mal wakeel= Allah (alone) is sufficient for us (Qur'an 3:173)

Ya Allah, strengthen our iman, the last ummah.

45 Tahun Didera Suami. Penting Tahu Hukum Perkahwinan

Assalamualaikum readers,

"Selagi aku tak lafaz talak, selagi itu kau jadi hamba aku."

Sebagai seorang wanita, hati saya terkesan dengan video ni. Bayangkan, setelah berkahwin selama 45 tahun, terkurung menjadi hamba dalam perkahwinan, seorang wanita berusia 65 tahun akhirnya bebas hanya setelah beliau mengetahui bahawa seorang isteri layak untuk meminta fasakh daripada suami. For 45 years

Lihatlah sahabat-sahabat sekalian, bagaimana pentingnya ilmu dalam bidang perkahwinan yang selalu kita pandang enteng. 

For most of the time, spending her life in hell created by man who should built heaven for her. 

May Allah bless us with the righteous company. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fake Blog Traffic By Vampirestat, Adsensewatchdog, Zombiestat

If you have a blog and check to see where the traffic to your blog originates, you may notice traffic from websites called,,, and/or Do not click to that site.

Last week i was surprised that my unknown and invisible blog with average 300 visitors daily suddenly increased more than 1000 and top traffic source is vampirestat.

None of it are really bring traffic to our blog and it is not working in increasing our ads. It will only bring you to their sites. At worst, you might be a victim to malevolent code that seeks to infect your computer.

So, if you are getting traffic from these websites, do not click and visit the link. Traffic from these sites won't affect your standing with the real Adsense, so just ignore them. Stay safe and secure. 

44 Year Old Woman Robbed In India

19 November 2013, a 44-year-old woman was attacked at an ATM by a man who robbed of her valuables and left unconscious and bleeding for nearly three hours inside as he pulled the shutters of the facility down before fleeing.The violent robbery took place at the Corporation Bank ATM at NR Square near the city corporation headquarters shortly after 7 am. 

Video footage from the CCTV camera inside the ATM facility showed a well-built young man sporting a thin beard entering the facility at 7.09 AM.
He pulls the shutter down from inside, trapping her inside and proceeds to threaten her with what appears like a toy pistol he is carrying in a cloth bag. After brandishing it for a while, he pulls out a machete from the bag and threatens her, pushing her into a corner.

When she refuses to withdraw money, the attacker delivers blows on her head with the machete, leaving her bleeding and unconscious in a corner.
The attacker then goes through her bag and grabs her wallet, mobile phone and ATM card before leaving the ATM facility at 7.14 AM - pulling the shutter down behind him.
She was discovered around 10.30 am by bank officials who arrived and lifted the shutters, SJ Park police said. After regaining consciousness in hospital, Uday told police that the man hit her after she refused to withdraw money for him from the ATM.

People are getting sick day by day and willing to do anything for money include killing and die for it. Readers, be extra careful. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Russian Shot Muslim in Metro

Shocking video footage has emerged of a suspected racist or Islamophobic shooting on the Moscow metro as two men armed with handguns attacked another passenger.
The attackers drew guns in the vicious assault which was caught on footage obtained by Life News, a major Russian media outlet.
One of the attackers brandished a pistol and lashed out at his defenceless victim, then pointed the pistol in his face before firing a second round.
The other attacker then  shot into the abdomen of Khashim Latipov, 30, from Dagestan.
He kicked him and shot again, putting the gun at the man’s head, as other passengers fled to the far end of the carriage.
Faces of both attackers were caught by the security camera in the November 17 incident. Miraculously, Lapitov survived the attack but is seriously wounded.
The footage was released in a bid to catch the attackers.
Thing that you will realize about Russian: 
Most of them will ignore whatever happen even though someone is killed.
May Allah protect all of us.

Source: DailymailUk

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Media Power

It will choose which truth you should know.
Don't simply get brainwash by the media.
Seek for the truth.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Video Kerasukan Di Villa Nabila

Assalamualaikum Ni saya dapat bila kawan Indian inbox video ni kat FB. Dari pagi tadi dok tengok perkembangan cerita ni. Interesting kot. Tengok gambar tempat tu pun dah memang seram. Selama ni tak percaya pun kat benda-benda ni semua. Betul atau tak, jom tengok video kat bawah ni.

Anyway, yang pastinya bila orang kerasukan tu bukan kerja roh yang tak tenteram. Mungkin makhluk Allah yang lain, yang terhijab oleh mata. I believe bila orang dah meninggal dunia, orang tu akan pergi ke alam lain. Tak akan tinggal kat dunia ni lagi. Terpisah dari dunia kita. Ke alam barzakh. (tapi ramai masyarakat kita percaya bila orang kerasukan tu kerja roh) Makhluk tu saja nak sesatkan pegangan dan kepercayaan kita kot.

India Rape Festival

While stories about haunted Villa Nabila spreading around the social media in Malaysia, i have another stories about rape festival which i have read from this website

Based on the the website, 
Men in India are already beginning to celebrate as the annual Assam Rape Festival is just days away. Every non-married girl age 7-16 will have the chance to flee to safety or get raped.

 “This is a long time tradition in Assam dating back thousands of years,” says Ahluwalia. “We rape the evil demons out of the girls, otherwise they will cheat on us and we will be forced to kill them. So it is necessary for everyone.”

The Assam Festival began in 43 BC when Baalkrishan Tamil Nadu raped everyone in his village of Doomdooma. Baalkrishan Tamil Nadu is remembered every year at this event, in fact the trophy given to the man with the most rapes is called “The Baalkrishan”.
24-year-old Harikrishna Majumdar told reporters that he has been training all year for this event. “I’m going to get the most rapes this year. I’ve been practicing all year. I rape my sister and her friends every day. I will be rape superstar number one! I will get the Baalkrishan prize this year for sure!”
12-year-old Jaitashri Majumdar told reporters she almost made it through last year’s festival without getting raped. “I came so close to not getting raped. I almost got to the ‘rape-free-zone’ at the edge of town, but at the last minute 9 men jumped on me and raped me. Luckily I am just recovering now so I can participate in this year’s events, otherwise I would be put to death by stoning.”
Seriously? Raping festival.
However, based on The Times of India:
The Assamese community in Bangalore has taken strong exception to a website article on a "rape festival in Assam". The community has sent a petition to the department of cyber crime and the ministry of information and broadcasting to ban access to the US websitein India.
The website, National Report, posted the report headlined 'The Assam Rape Festival In India Begins This Week' on November 3. Though the article was a spoof, the website nowhere mentions it publishes fake news.
The Assamese community is one of the largest from the northeastern states in Bangalore. Their population is around 1.5-2 lakh, the association claims. "I got several calls from people after the article went viral. I can explain it to one caller, but how can we tell the whole world the news is fake? It has brought so much shame on us," said association general secretary Dipankar Kalita.

Healthy Snack: Benefit of Almond

Ni rupa dia lepas dah mixed with curry powder and salt
Hari tu beli almond. Kat Moscow ni harga dia dalam 454 rub/kg. Dalam RM46 macam tu. Saya tak la beli sekilo, berapa gram jer. Di Malaysia, berapa ekh harga dia?

Saya ni jenis otak tak jalan kalau tak mengunyah. So, masa study boleh makan badam ni. Sedap makan campur coklat. Malam ni pulak try campur dengar curry with salt. Lepas tu bagi masuk kat microwave. Rangup. Crunchy. 

Selain rasanya yang sedap, almond ni berkhasiat sebenarnya. Nak tahu khasiat almond? 
1. Mengurangkan kolesterol dalam badan.
2. So, dia boleh mengurangkan heart attack. 
3. Menguatkan tulang 
dan paling penting
4. Baik untuk otak  dan sistem saraf.

So, apa lagi. Jom join makan :D

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Eh, 'Jakun' Bah Kau Ni: 5 Things The Peninsular Should Know About Sabah

Wasap..wasap guys. :D

 Sebab dah selalu dengar sangat kawan merungut pasal ni, so i'll write about it. Biar orang yang tak pernah pijak borneo atau tak pernah jumpa orang dari borneo tahu serba sedikit pasal Sabah and tak jakun sangat pasal Sabah. (Sarawakian pun selalu alami jugak)

1. Kapal terbang 
Masa kat Perlis, form 4 nadwah kepimpinan Islam peringkat kebangsaan, kawan dari negeri lain tanya (lupa dah negeri apa).
"Datang sini naik apa? Belon?"
Tau jer some negeri guna perkataan belon to refer kapal terbang. Kalau tak naik kapal terbang, nak guna apa lagi? Berenang?

What they think

What we use actually

2. Pengangkutan/ Jalan raya
Pernah satu hari, i tengah berbual-bual dengan kawan. Masa tu kat Moscow jugak. Entah bulan berapa. The whole conversation, ada satu ayat yang saya tak akan lupa. Bunyi dia macam ni 
"haah, ya pulak kan. Kat sana (Sabah) mana ada highway."

Dalam hati, i was like
Tahan nak gelak. Terserlah kejakunan. Kalau dia baca post ni, dia tahu la saya nak gelakkan dia sebenarnya. Hehe

What they think

Ni pun google juga. Pelajar Indonesia. Saya pernah pergi Indonesia bahagian pedalaman. Mereka terpaksa jalan kaki jauh giler untuk ke sekolah.

What we have actually

3. Rumah
What they think
 What actually we have

4. Bahasa
"Oh, dari Sabah ekh? Patutlah macam Indon."

Indon? Pekak ker apa?
but mine is a bit Indonesia sebab pengaruh Indonesia dari family kuat
Macam kat semenanjung jugak, ada banyak loghat. Kat Sabah pun macam tu jugak. Kalau orang semenanjung kata loghat Indon-indon dia kurang sikit, tu maknanya dia guna loghat lain.  Still, Sabahan bahasa dia baku sikit.

5. Bangsa
what they think
Putih-putih mata sepet = Chinese
Gelap-gelap sikit = Indian
Selain chinese and Indian = Malay 

but we are
Bugis, Kadazan dusun, Bajau, Iranun, Cocos, Suluk, Sino dan banyak lagi lain-lain bangsa.

Dari 'zaman batu' lagi saya dah alami benda macam ni sampailah sekarang. Everytime pun kena explain. Macam information center la pulak. Dari Sabah ka (ke), Sarawak ka, Semenanjung ka atau dari penjuru dunia mana sekali pun, just the same for me as long as you are good to each other.

*Jakun = Kebaruan 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Kesihatan: Minuman Tin Bawa Maut

Huarghh, penatnya dari kelas microbiology. Sampai bilik pun dah 9pm. Nak masak lagi. :'( Tadi dalam kelas study pasal leptospira sp.,  penyebab Leptospirosis yang boleh membawa maut.

Salah satu cara leptospira merebak ialah melalui kencing haiwan. Contohnya, tikus. Ramaikan suka minum minuman tin? Masa dalam stor penyimpanan, minuman tin ni terdedah dengan tikus. Well you know tikus, bukan reti nak cari toilet pun. Maka, 'beliau' pun terkencinglah merata-rata tempat termasuklah di atas tin-tin minuman kegemaran korang.

How to prevent from 'terminum' kencing tikus yang boleh membawa maut ni? Senang je. Simply guna straw atau basuh permukaan tin sebelum minum. Senang jer tapi kalau tak buat pun tak tahulah nak kata apa lagi. Vaccine pun boleh didapati untuk penyakit ni.

Actually, banyak lagi cara penyakit ni boleh merebak. Berenang kat air yang ada leptospira ni pun boleh terjangkit. 

Sebenarnya benda ni dah kira lapuk kat Malaysia. Mesti ramai yang dah tahu pasal kencing tikus ni tapi tak rugi pun share. Sekadar peringatan. Mana tahu ada satu dua orang yang tak tahu lagi. So, share jer la. Korang pun bolehlah share dengan kawan-kawan untuk peringatan. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Jom Terjah!!!

Hari ni nak ajak kawan-kawan terjah bloggers comel-comel dan super awesome ni.
1. Setia Smile 

2. NinaAz HLF

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cerita Atas Katil: Tutup Lampu Atau Buka Lampu?

Ha, Jeng..jeng..jeng..
Ni nak tanya, bagi yang dah kahwin, belum kahwin, kalau dalam bilik tidur, nak tidur, korang tutup lampu tak?
Cepat!!! Cepat!!! Fikir! Tutup lampu ke buka lampu?

Haaa, Nina nak cerita ni sebenarnya pasal tidur dan kaitannya dengan lampu. Berapa minit yang lalu, study pharmacology pasal sedative hypnotic and Insomnia. Tengah study multiple choice question (mcq), ada pula jawapan Nina jumpa macam ni: Melatonin is a hormone of the pineal gland produced during darkness.

Pak Melatonin ni, tugas dia kawal kitaran normal tidur dan bangun kita. Biasanya, level melatonin start meningkat masa petang dan kekal tinggi level dia masa malam. Kemudian, akan turun masa pagi. Sebab tu la petang-petang rasa mengantuk gila. Nasib baik tak gila. 

So, bila kita padamkan lampu masa nak tidur, level melatonin ni meningkat. Then, senanglah kita nak tidur.

Selain dihasilkan sendiri oleh badan, Melatonin juga terdapat dalam makanan seperti daging, buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran. Ia juga boleh didapati dalam bentuk supplement. Biasanya supplement ni untuk treat insomnia yang Nina tengah study sekarang. Arghh, pelik sungguh nama-nama ubat dalam chapter kali ni. Estazolam, Flurazepam, lamotrigine, tiagabine and the list goes on which turn me insomniac. Argh, what everlah mana korang ubat.

For the same reason, dimana cahaya mempengaruhi kadar melatonin, winter ni tukarkan 'aku' jadi hibernating polar bear. Marah ni. Rasa macam nak tidur all the time sebab cuaca gelap sepanjang masa. Jam 8 pagi masih gelap, jam 5 petang dah magrib. Tengahari? Jangan cakaplah nak tengok matahari sekarang.
In short, sesiapa yang ada masalah susah nak tidur, bolehlah gelapkan bilik anda. Kalau masalah terlebih tidur? Bolehlah pasang kedua-dua bijik mata anda betul-betul bawah mentol lampu kalau nak buta cepat. Hehe Lepas tu, don't look for me okay
That all for this post, adios amigos. Chow. 

Hidup Tidak Selamanya Upaya

Perbualan Jururawat dan Pesakit.

Pesakit: Abang jururawat, best bekerja di hospital? Dah lama ke kerja sini?
Abang misi: Bolehlah. Nak kata best, ada juga stressnya. Tapi, selama 5 tahun kerja di sini, dapat banyak pengalaman yang bernilai yang orang luar di sana takkan dapat rasa.

Pesakit: Apa yang best sangat tu? Nurse-nurse lawa-lawa eh?
Abang misi: Bukan. Tu tak best. Ada yang lagi best.

Pesakit: Wah, apa dia?

Abang misi: Di sini setiap hari saya lihat pesakit meninggal dunia. Kerja saya uruskan kencing berak mereka, bersihkan mereka hinggalah ke urusan jenazah. Apa yang saya lihat sepanjang saya bekerja di hospital ni, betapa ramainya di antara mereka yang sudah meninggal..sebelum meninggal meminta-minta sama ada dari waris atau jururawat untuk pegang naskhah al-Quran. Ada yang tak boleh baca, ada yang suruh kami bacakan. Ada juga yang tidak sempat sentuh al-Quran, tak sempat baca al-Quran, Allah telah pun mengambil nyawa mereka. Bila dibacakan
sahaja al-Quran pada mereka, berlinangan air mata. Saya lihat betapa orang-orang yang berada di akhir nafas, majoriti nak sangat sentuh al-Quran. Kalau boleh, nak mati dengan peluk al-Quran. Pengalaman-pengalaman yang saya lalui di sini buat hati ini insaf. Sedar satu perkara yang sangat penting.

Pesakit: Hm. Apa dia?

Abang misi: Apa yang kita biasa pegang ketika kita masih sihat, apa yang kita biasa baca dan belai ketika masih hidup gembira tika tak datangnya sakit...itu jugalah yang kita akan dapat pegang dan sentuh di akhir hayat. Jika kita selalu pegang handphone di tangan setiap
masa, sibuk dengan gajet di tangan dan lalai kerananya, agak-agak di akhir hayat kita nanti...dapatkah kita sentuh dan pegang al-Quran? Sedangkan tangan kita tak biasa pegang al-Quran, sehari sekali pun susah nak belai dan belek al-Quran apatah lagi membaca atau mentadabburnya...Allah...Allah. Sungguh, kita dah tak perlu handphone atau gajet di akhir nyawa kita..kita sangat memerlukan al-Quran...barulah kita sedar
masa itu apa yang dah kita rugi.

Pesakit: (menitis air mata.....) Abang..bacakan saya al-Quran...saya tak boleh baca..buta tajwid.

Abang misi tersenyum. Dikeluarkan al-Quran mini dari kocek bajunya.
Hampir 9 dari 10 pesakit yang beragama islam yang berada di katil hospital lazimnya memaparkan wajah penuh kesalan serta menyesal, menyesal dan menyesal tak ambil peluang untuk membaca Quran ketika sihat dan berpeluang?
Wajah2 gerun dan seram bila ambang maut mendekati?
Anda yang sihat yang membaca pesanan ini belum terlambat dan pintu taubat luas terbuka untuk kita memulakan sesuatu saat ini... ALLAHUAKBAR 

# Sesungguhnya, kebijaksaan itu milik hamba-hambanya yang memikirkan negeri akhirat.
Cerita ni saya ambil dari facebook pensyarah KML.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Vine King: Jerome Jarre

Did you guys familiar with Vine? Vine is a mobile service that lets you capture and share short videos which the brevity of videos on vine is 6 seconds or less. 

I get used to watch vine and all the ideas mostly crazy and funny. I just love it. The most popular vine star is Jerome Jarre  from French. 

Jerome Jarre in Ellen season 11

He so daring, cute, funny, spontaneous and for sure nice smile that will make you happy. If you are bored, looking for something funny, simply look for Jerome's vine or other fantastic vine.

Crowded With Liars

 بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم 


“Our Lord, do not take us to task if we forget or make a mistake. Our Lord, do not place on us a load like the one You placed on those before us. Our Lord, do not place on us a load we don't have the strength to bear. Pardon us, forgive us, and have mercy on us. You are our Master, so help us against the unbelievers.” (Surat al-Baqara, 286)

Three years studying in Russia make me very disappointed with the situation in Moscow. I love Moscow but sometimes, i hate it when i bump to undesirable situation. Great city with a great liars. 

I didn't socialize with Russian so far since most of them are not friendly and a bit racist especially those who are Islamophobia. Mostly, i talk and work my things out only with the immigrant who are stay and working here for years. 

I have been cheated a lot include on hostel, fees, registration, and even taxi or food in halal restaurant by those immigrant.

During my first year, i'm dealing with agency who are managing foreign students in Moscow. At the first place, i was really happy to know that the owner of the company is a muslim and most of the worker are muslim but i'm not sure about the person who handle us, Malaysian student. 

At the beginning, i thought all muslim is a 'muslim'. Born completely like a muslim. Behave like one. However, staying here teach me a lot. I saw those muslim selling liquor in the hostel which the hostel is half hotel. I get valuable lesson. Islam is a perfect deen. Divine. Nevertheless,  the follower is not. Islam is good, but not all muslim is good. They are completely responsible for they behavior not Islam. 

There are among men some who serve Allāh, as it were, on the verge. If good befalls them, they are, therewith, well content. But if a trial comes to them, they turn on their faces. They lose both this world and the Hereafter. That is the evident loss. (Sūrat'l- ajj: 11)

Instead of academic fees, i'm paying for hostel. For some ridiculous reasons, they keep asking for extra money in my first year hostel. 

In my second year, when all the student done with payment exactly the same amount as the fees structure of second year, the university and the company ask for extra 50 000 Rub which is about RM 5 000 for nonsense excuses.  

Last semester, when i'm moving out from my apartment, i'm using taxi. The driver is an immigrant as well. At the beginning, the taxi driver ask only for 1200 Rub. Then, he said 'we already lost'. After than, he ask more money around 2000 rub. I completely refused. 

Lost using high tech GPS?

Seriously? Lost? Instead of Allah, those people replacing their god with money. They are willing to use any unreasonable excuse to get money by cheating others. 

My room is for three sitters. Since the administration didn't have the third person, so only two of us in the room. Last night, the people who in charge to take care the hostel come to my room and ask us to pay 1100$ if we wanna make it two sharing. I was like U.S. dollar? They are the one who can't provide the third person.


Wherever we stand, liars are everywhere in this world. Living with precaution without prejudice. Although life is difficult somehow, don't simply take advantages on other especially those who are weaker. If we ease people, with the almighty will, Allah will ease us.

We did not send down the Qur’an to you to make you miserable, but only as a reminder for those who have fear and respect for Allah. (Surah Ta Ha, 2-3)

We will ease you to the easy way. (Surat al-A‘la, 8)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Different Stories

We used to judge others based on our point of view which is limited. Everyone have their own stories. Different stories. So, don't simply judge people.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Baking Class In Moscow

 بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم 

Yesterday i went to cupcakes workshop organised by Azam Russia. Amboi Nina, masak daily food pun tak reti, ni ada hati nak p kelas baking. Seriously i'm not good on cooking and i'm not into it. Sebab super pemalas, setiap hari i only masak nasi. Sumber protein? Beli kat kedai halal near to bus stop. Sayur? Potong-potong sayur, tuang semua sekali dalam periuk nasi masa tengah mendidih. Habis cerita. Dapat juga khasiat dari sayur tu. SUPER 'rajin'

I'll buy this one. So, i don't have to cook. 200 rub for the whole chicken. About RM20
Kalau yang tak masak kat kedai harga dia more than 100Rub/KG. Lebih RM10 macam tu
Chicken breast about  200/kg. So, lebih baik beli yang dah siap masak terus.

Rajin tak rajin, malas tak malas, apakan daya, dah namanya perempuan, sooner or later, akan jadi isteri orang. Mestilah nak suami makan masakan sendiri kan? Kalau harapkan orang gaji masak, tak pasal-pasal bermadukan bekas pembantu rumah sendiri. Nauzubillah. Itu pun kalau 'duit meriah' nak upah orang gaji.

Haa, sebab tu la i joined this workshop walaupun tak pernah baking selama ni dan tak reti nak masak basic food. For me, baking is much more interesting compare to cooking. Minat sikit la. First, masa masak tu, wangi dia sweet. Sedap. Second, of course la dapat makan makanan yang manis, sweet, sedap, terjamin kebersihan dan tak payah beli. Jimat duit. I totally suka makan makanan yang manis-manis ni. 

Siapa pernah main game ni? Jelly Glutton. Sedapnya tengok game ni. Asyik lapar masa main. Sambil makan, sambil main. Sangat sesuai untuk badan tengkorak macam saya ni. Kurus kering.

Kalau boleh nak kahwin dengan chef pastry sebab suka sangat makan yang manis-manis. (terus terang je lah, nak kahwin dengan chef sebab tak pandai masak). Nasib baik 'dia' pandai masak sikit. Boleh alternate giliran untuk memasak. Untungnya dapat suami macam ni. Terbaliklah pulak, patut lelaki yang cakap macam ni. WE (what) ever la

Banyak dapat input dari bengkel cupcakes tu. Selain dah boleh buat cupcakes sendiri, kakak-kakak tu juga ajar cara nak hias cake. Cantik. 

Here we go!!! Preparing red velvet cupcakes.

Bahan kering

Bahan basah

Mixture of bahan kering + Bahan basah 
Tadaaa, dah siap bake. Kena hias ni.

Preparing the cream. Cheese cream

Dan hasilnya

Ada sesiapa nak resepi tak???

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