Sunday, 24 November 2013

Fake Blog Traffic By Vampirestat, Adsensewatchdog, Zombiestat

If you have a blog and check to see where the traffic to your blog originates, you may notice traffic from websites called,,, and/or Do not click to that site.

Last week i was surprised that my unknown and invisible blog with average 300 visitors daily suddenly increased more than 1000 and top traffic source is vampirestat.

None of it are really bring traffic to our blog and it is not working in increasing our ads. It will only bring you to their sites. At worst, you might be a victim to malevolent code that seeks to infect your computer.

So, if you are getting traffic from these websites, do not click and visit the link. Traffic from these sites won't affect your standing with the real Adsense, so just ignore them. Stay safe and secure. 


  1. Oh wow that scary, but who knows if it's your real traffic?

  2. experienced the same thing. pfft

  3. ohh. hee.. jarang pulak tengok trafik ni huhu

  4. saya pun kena juga ni. Tapi macam mana mencegah ini, hampir 2 minggu dah fake pengunjung...

  5. I have several hits from vampirestat, but not even bother to care because it really looks suspicious. All those mentioned above are just spam sites.

  6. rupanyaa kan kak nina . kita pun terkejut trafik blog naik tetiba :D


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