Sunday, 30 March 2014

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Lama dah tak join GA dan segmen dari blogger yang lain. Jom join dan support!!!

Tarikh tutup: 14 April.

Mask Muka Buatan Sendiri

Hello peeps, happy weekend

Sebab hari ni hari ahad, jom manjakan diri anda dengan mask buatan sendiri. 

Anda hanya perlukan madu dan telur. Yup, hanya madu dan telur.
1 sudu putih telur
1 1/2 sudu madu

Apa yang anda perlu lakukan:
1. Campurkan putih telur dengan madu. Guna jari pun boleh. 
2. Bila dah sebati, ratakan ke muka anda. Hindarkan kawasan di sekitar mata sebab bahagian mata agak sensitive.
3. Biarkan kering (lebih kurang 15 minit). Masa nak tunggu kering tu, anda boleh pejamkan mata seketika dan relax kan diri.
4. Bilas dengan air suam. Lap dengan tuala bersih.
5. Feel the difference. Kulit lembut, halus dan segar.

Mask ni sangat sesuai untuk mereka yang menginginkan kulit halus terutamanya mereka yang berjerawat. Hal ini kerana madu berupaya membunuh bakteria-bakteria punca jerawat. 

* Anda juga boleh mencuba kombinasi madu dan telur dengan yogurt, avocado, olive oil, kunyit dan banyak lagi bergantung dengan jenis kulit anda.

Enjoy your day <3 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

To Be Accepted In Society

Assalamualaikum and hello readers

Its been a long time since my last post and here i come, my new post. Sorry for other bloggers which i'm unable to revisit. Thanks a lot for those who keep visiting me and maintain my page view. Recently, i'm quite busy. Trying to adapt with my new life: New hostel (i lost once :D) , new roommates, new semester which mean new schedule, new friends, new subjects AND.. new weather. Yeah, time for spring to color the world with beautiful flowers. 

To be accepted in Social, what does it takes actually? 
1. Is it branded clothes? Or high tech gadget? 
2. Walk like model? Have a look like superstar, hot hollywood actress or actor?
3. Sweet nice talk even though deep in your heart, kidney and lung, you want to slap the person? 
Ugh, i see enough of this situation
If you are accepted because of your money, people leaving you when you broke. If beauty attract people to you, you'll be lonely as you grow older

We are encourage to talk nicely. It sunnah. However, the most common situation i see, people talk nicely in front of each other but criticizing and talking bad behind. Backstabbing. Backstabber and pretender, you will end up hated by people around you. Instead of selling stories about negative side of someone, be honest to them and let them know their mistakes. 

Yeah, i'm not well accepted in society nor having billion of friends but i'm happy by just being myself. Without have to pretend to other nor being a hypocrite.

My coach used to tell me:

"you don't have to worry about what people think about you, what their perception about you. What matter most, your act didn't hurt yourself and other. Be kind and generous to everyone."

To be concluded, it is not necessary for me to be beautiful fake barbie doll; dress up for hours to look nice; have ideal body shape; using expensive things; hang out at high class cafe and the most important, i don't have to smile to those i want to punch in their faces. 
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