Friday, 18 October 2013

5 Ways To Know Fake Fainting.

السلام عليكم

Hello readers.

Did you always see someone faints repeatedly? 
Yes i'm. I'm staying in hostel since i was fourteen in 2005 until now. Of course i meet a lot of people include pretender. Pretending that they are unconscious. It is irritating. Troublesome. 

Before we lend our help to those who are fainting, why not we ensure that they are totally and truly unconscious.

Do you know which one is absolutely fainting or which one is fake?
Okay, let me tell you how you can detect someone is faking it or not.

1. If they fall forward or to the side chances are the faint is real. If they fall backward chances are the faint is fake.

2. If they act like they faint and they have passed out and are just laying on the ground, take their hand hold it over their face and let go. If their hand falls gently off to the side they are faking. If it falls on their face and hits them, they are really out and have fainted. ( Like slapping. Yeah, free slapping. Yahoo!!! )

3. If they are not conscious then you can open an eyelid. If their eye looks like they are trying to roll their eyes into the back of their head, they are faking.
4. Pretend that you are going to stripped their clothes till they naked. 
5. Just simply leave them there. When they notice no one cares, they will wake up. If it is real, they will remain unconscious for god sake. 

Okay, wait and see who faking their fainting. Waiting for your stories about those who faking their faint in comment below. 


  1. perkongsian yang baik.. selamat berhujung minggu nina.. :D

  2. Letak lipas dalam mulut dy..ahaa.
    Kalo x jerit maknanya
    ...pengsan btul la tu...miahhah

    1. wahahaha.. tat is seriously brilliant idea ;)

  3. nice info.. jom blogwalking

  4. hmm.. never met these type of people, but hey, this is a good sharing. :)

    singgah2 sini kejap.


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