Friday, 18 October 2013

How To Overcome Dandruff?

Few weeks ago, my batch mate complains that her head is so itchy due to dandruff. 
One of our friend suggest lime to remove the dandruff as well as the itchy. Because it is quite hard to find for lime here, she simply replaced the lime with lemon since both lime and lemon are acidic.

Next class, my friend said it is totally working. Yeah, i know because i already try it years ago and the feeling is GREAT especially when you put the lime in the itchy head skin.

How to put it?
Apply the lime/lemon to the scalp until blended. After that, wrap your head with a towel. Then, wash it.

HOWEVER, do not applying it frequently since it will dry your hair out and make your hair brittle.

Having itchy with dandruff? Have a try pals.


  1. thanks for sharing this good info...I really need to try this...^_^

  2. salam jumaat nina.. limau purut baik untuk hilangkan kelemumur.. alhamdulillah rambut akak tiada masalah kelemumur.. akak selalu gunakan santan kelapa untuk atasi masalah rambut..

    1. pernah try gak kak..baik untuk buat rambut lebih hitam dan lebat


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