Friday, 11 October 2013

Preparing Sushi At Home, Buy Equipments and Materials To Make Sushi In Moscow

Hello Sushi lovers,

Craving for sushi? You can preparing it by your self. Have no equipment? Rilex, i can show you where to buy but only in Moscow area. ( Only if you dare to travel from any part of the world to Moscow just to buy this stuff.)

Today i went to one of the sushi shop in Moscow called Sushi shop. They have many branches all over Moscow. Besides selling sushi, they selling equipment to make sushi as well such as bamboo map, knife, wasabi and others. 

Seaweed. Honestly, this seaweed picture is not mine. Sushi that i ordered was ready when i was about to snap the seaweed picture.

Wasabi, bamboo map, rice paper and all you need to prepare sushi by your own.

Start making your own Sushi.


  1. wow....rajinnya buat sushi sendiri.

  2. suka sangat makan sushi. kat daiso n Mr D.I.Y ada je jual equipments nak buat sushi. tapi ros tak ada hati nak buat sushi sendiri lagi. hoho. penyakit "M" memang sukar diatasi. muehehe.

    1. hahaha sama la..kakak cakap,,saya lagi rela mati kelaparan dari masak..apatah lagi sushi


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