Sunday, 20 April 2014

How to Make a Woman Feel Better While She's on Her Period

Hello ladies and gentlemen. 

I read an article on wikihow (click here) about "how to make a woman feel better while she's on her period." I think its a good thing to share. So, gentlemen out there you should read it. 

Well you know, having period on is never a happy moment for women. With all the mood swings and uncomfortable condition, no one enjoy having their menstrual cycle. Then, gentlemen, please have a gut and understand.

What you can do to help:
1. Help her with her work. 
2. Make her feel loved and appreciate her.
3. Bear with her mood swing. 
4. Offer her a hot-water bottle: the heat and pressure will decrease the cramps.
5. Just chat with her, keep the conversation light, avoid confrontational subjects. She will just enjoy you helping her forget about the way she is feeling.

and more to do. Read this full article on wikihow here

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Birthday Hitler

Happy weekend bloggers and readers.
Sapu-sapu kejap habuk dekat blog ni. Fuhhh, berhabuk. Lama tak update. Nak update pun tak tahu nak tulis apa. Demam terus lepas sapu habuk. 

Kalau hari sabtu, orang lain cuti macam biasa tapi kami still ada kelas. Sabtu tak cuti beb. TAPI, sebab esok birthday Hitler, so hari ni cuti tak rasmi. Macam mana cuti tak rasmi ekh? Umph, kira macam cuti sendirilah. Haha (ada lagi 'kira')

So, kenapa cuti kalau birthday Hitler ar? Nak diringkaskan cerita, ada kumpulan yang akan pukul orang asing yang tinggal kat Russia pada 20 April (Hitler birthday) Baca kat sini.
So, tak nak lah ambil risiko kena pukul oleh mamat skinhead Russia.

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