Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Why You Should Not Lie To Your Doctor

السلام عليكم

Few years ago when i was in my secondary school, i went to hospital and my cousin sister said: 
"Tell the doctor about your condition as critical as possible"

As a medical student, know i know why we shouldn't lie to the doctor. 

Every symptoms and information you tell to the doctor are very important since it will guide the doctor in diagnosis your disease and prescribe the correct medicine that suit your condition for your health improvement. 

Most common information that patients provide incorrectly whether their intended or forgot are:
1. Symptoms.
2. Alternative medicine. (Supplements, herbs, therapies)
3. Taking medicine without expert advice.
4. Cigarettes.
5. Alcohol

"If you cannot be honest with your health care provider, you may be doing yourself a grave disservice," says Stephen Goldstone, MD, a professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, and medical director of GayHealth.com. 

"You as a patient don't know what's significant," Goldstone says. 
"You don't know what your health care provider needs to know, and it's best to be honest."

And for advance advice, please follow the medication adherence which it is unsafe for your body to take the medicine without proper time and quantity

Other reasons why you shouldn't lie to your doctor is they will know if your telling lies.

Wish you guys in good health and happiness.  


  1. Baru je jumpa doktor sebab gastrik semakin serius.. Kadang-kadang doktor tu yang tanya macam-macam, tu yang seronok sikit nak pergi klinik. Haha

  2. baru malam tadi akak bawa mak akak pergi hospital sebab sakit perut.. memang detail doktor tu tanya, mak akak suka menjawab detail juga..

  3. kekadang rase malu nak citer sumer...ye la kang jakgi panjang lak doktor tu komen

    tak brani dgr cakap doktor :(


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