Saturday, 23 November 2013

Russian Shot Muslim in Metro

Shocking video footage has emerged of a suspected racist or Islamophobic shooting on the Moscow metro as two men armed with handguns attacked another passenger.
The attackers drew guns in the vicious assault which was caught on footage obtained by Life News, a major Russian media outlet.
One of the attackers brandished a pistol and lashed out at his defenceless victim, then pointed the pistol in his face before firing a second round.
The other attacker then  shot into the abdomen of Khashim Latipov, 30, from Dagestan.
He kicked him and shot again, putting the gun at the man’s head, as other passengers fled to the far end of the carriage.
Faces of both attackers were caught by the security camera in the November 17 incident. Miraculously, Lapitov survived the attack but is seriously wounded.
The footage was released in a bid to catch the attackers.
Thing that you will realize about Russian: 
Most of them will ignore whatever happen even though someone is killed.
May Allah protect all of us.

Source: DailymailUk


  1. Nauzubillah, may Allah protect us all. And guide the disbeliever into the right path.

  2. oh Ya Allah, berderau darah akak baca. In Gemany here still berjalan prosiding about the groups yg kills Muslems, those Neo Nazis. May Allah protect us all, u guys extra carefull there.

  3. The people of this world is getting mad.


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