Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Russian Social Network - VKontakte

Assalamualaikum and hello readers.

Today i want to share about famous social network among Russian, vkontakte ( VK)

Its almost the same with facebook but  prefer VK than FB. The best part about VK instead of stay in touch with your friends like other social network, you can search places all around the world. For instance, you are looking for school around Lahad Datu. It will show all school in Lahad Datu and introduce you to person who studied there.

Don't get me? Try explore VK your self here


  1. Kawan bella pun ada pakai sb dia minat sgt dgn rusia

  2. kat Malaysia pun ada jugak social network mcm fb, nama dia Cintanet.. btw nak try register VK la nanti, nampak mcm lg senang..


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