Saturday, 27 April 2013

Moscow Marathon

Sharing information about Moscow Marathon 2013 on 27 April, 12:00.

 Yesterday after Russian class, Dhasha and I went to eat Ice Cream. Then, we saw someone giving free balloon. Then, they give us the balloon.

Owh, its about Moscow Marathon. The balloon was a medium to promote it. Creative huh? Everyone who take the balloon will be the promoter to the campaign for free. Its work. Along the way back home, i noticed  pair of eyes looking at me. Not sure because their reading it or because it sort of weirdo to see woman with balloon. I mean woman not girl. H/E, seriously its work.
Other women hold roses on their hand while i'm with my balloon. Kanak-kanak ribena.
For more info about Moscow Marathon, visit here


  1. Bilaa dengar perkataan marathon ni teringat merentas desa waktu sekolah.. adeh.. sempot2.. haha

    1. hahaha kena fit latu..lari jgan laju sngat tapi kena maintain la..

  2. Kat Putrajaya ni pun banyak program larian..


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