Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Be Polite In Polite Way

I went out and used Metro, one of Moscow public transport on sunday. Its too crowded that time. Then, i have to stand. There was an old men in front of me, standing. Besides me was a very young girl. Suddenly, a middle age women come and shouted loudly and scolded the young girl in Russian.

If its translate in english it was like "why you didn't let the old man sit. You are still young"

Its a good thing to give your seat to elder people, pregnant women or anyone who need it more but not by embarrassing others. She want to be polite with the old man but so impolite and disrespect toward the girl. Everyone deserve respect even though she/he are younger than you. All living things deserve respect. 

images to give you picture of the scene 

After that, i traveled used bus. Before entered the bus, have to queue up waiting for the next bus. Suddenly someone pushed me. A women with some girls age below 15 years old.

I was like, what the? But this is not my country. So, i don't want to get so much attention or any problem. 

After that., the women try to enter the bus before her turn. The man who supposed to enter the bus get pissed off and scolded the women. The women didn't give up and keep arguing that she have to get in the bus first because she bring along girls. The argument keep for around 5 minutes. 

In this case, the women bring along teenage but its on the man decision whether to let her go first or not. Ladies first. Its polite to let women, or other go first. However, if the person refuse, its their choice. Chill. She was tried to be polite with the girls but the same time she was impolite with the other passengers.

I was sighed hardly. They are bad example of  Russian. They shouldn't show this attitude in  front of foreigner nor kids. Another women smiled at me and hold my hand. She ask me to enter the bus first.


  1. Such a good and bad examples, cause in Malaysia I never seen anyone scolding yet to make someone give a seat to the senior citizen which have more priority, sometimes, even when the old citizen starring at the teenagers who is sitting there, they don't even get what's that means. So, a scolding like that could make them realised I guess.

  2. By the way, how is moscow so far?
    what time is it in there? :)


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