Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Most Expensive Food In The World: Diamond of The Kitchen

Do ever cross to your mind what is the most expensive food in the world? Known as diamond of the kitchen, truffles served as haute cuisine or grand cuisine with their pungent aroma and distinct flavor which the truffles itself cost up to 2000–4500 USD per kilogram. Dish of truffles alone may cost 100 USD.

What is truffle? Truffle is a fungus. It is usually found in close association with the roots of trees and can be found buried between the leaf litter and the soil. Since truffles growth in soil, looking for truffles easier with the help of pigs and dogs.

There is 2 types of truffle, white and black truffle. Like other stuff made in China, there is also Truffle from China which is low quality that can be considered as not the real truffle. 

Is it worthy to spend 100USD for one dish? I can save food stock for the whole month instead of one dish of truffles. 


  1. I wonder what a 100USD meal taste like... wooow.. 2000USD per kilo?? Rasa macam nak jadi penanam truffle pulak! hehe

  2. First time nampak benda ni. Tiada di malaysia kali.


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