Tuesday, 3 December 2013

6 Bad Things About Vitamins And Supplements That You Might Don't Know

Vitamin and supplement always get a good name from their benefits to mankind. However, this are 6 things about vitamin and supplement that you might don't know.
1. No supplements or vitamins have to be shown to work before they are sold to you. Supplements and vitamins are a 34 billion dollar a year business. We are experimental rat to our own experiment.

2. Hundreds of studies have been done on Vitamin C and as we all know it neither prevents cancer nor prevents you from getting sick from a cold.  
3. The Vitamin E studies done year after year show an increased risk of heart failure and cancer in the groups taking Vitamin E. Please know this.

4. In 2010 the Cleveland Clinic published results on a huge trial done on 36,000 men where they studied Vitamin E and Selenium (either alone or together) and found a 17% increased risk of prostate cancer in the group taking the vitamins. That same year, the vitamin industry made 28 billion dollars, a 5 percent increase from the year before.

5. With exception of folks with vitamin deficiencies (gastric bypass patients, celiacs, low vitamin D) not a single public health organization recommends the routine use of vitamins or supplements. This is because studies have never shown them to be effective and in some cases they are harmful.

6. Polls show that 68% of Americans have it wrong about the safety of vitamins and supplements. The truth is herbal manufacturers are not required to report side effects, manufacturers of vitamins and minerals can make claims about safety and effectiveness without evidence and the FDA does not approve herbal products before sale.The only change occurred in 2007 so now the FDA can make sure a product contains what the label says it.
I'm can't guarantee this article 100% true but all i can say is balancing everything in your life include the vitamin intake. Not less nor more. Make sure you get your vitamins in your food such as fruits and vegetables. 

Happy healthy balance life readers 

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