Saturday, 14 December 2013

5 Ways To Stay Safe When Travelling Alone

Most of the time i'm travelling alone to class which is basically ended around 7 and i'll reach the hostel around 9 p.m.. Alhamdulillah, so far everything is under control and okay even though i frequently lost. Freezing in the winter.

Anyway guys, here comes 5 tips to stay safe when you are walking alone:

Among of those people, can you guest which one is good and which one is not? Hint from me, you can read others body language but seriously when it comes to good appearance, don't judge a book by its cover  

1. Do not show off
You are in public transport and crowded with strangers. You are having I-pad, i-pod or any cool gadget or branded things and you just take it out, attract as much as eyes on you. You give others the idea that you are rich. Trust me, they will follow you till the very end if they really want it especially when they noticed that you are alone.

Most of my friend who have been attack by robber are look rich and for sure they are rich. Some of them claim that the robber followed them for so long. Train, bus and finally the safest place to robbed him. Thank god there is no injured case so far.

2. Walk in the crowded. 
As i said below, the robber will wait till you reach the safest place for him to rob you. Follow the crowded as you walk. Chance that the robber will lost you from his sigh also high.

3. Avoid dark places

4. Walk in correct body posture
Stand up straight, eyes forward, not looking down, rather 20 feet ahead. Being in good walking posture are good for your health as well as giving the image of self confidence and strength. 

Compare both of the picture above. Which person is look weaker? a or b? If you are a robber, which one you prefer to attack? 

5. Do not talk to stranger
There is my friend who stopped by stranger when he was walking to class. He stop and talk. The stranger ask for money and finally turn aggressive and violent as my friend refuse. 

Hope the tips help you guys. If you have tips on your on to share, do not hesitate to comment below. 

Wish you safe journey through out your whole life, 
till jannah InsyaAllah


  1. kt KL ni dulu ada juga tiba-tiba ada seorang pak cik ni mintak duit. Tapi macam lebih kepada memaksa. Kami lari buat tak perasan. hehe. Jgn show off tu sangat penting.


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