Monday, 5 November 2012

Sushi time

Usrah sambil makan sushi...

Ni usrah 1st year with Kak Amy, Atun and Ezzati. Kitorang makan sushi buy 1 free 1. Its like you order 1 set, you akan dapat another same set that you order. Kira macam 50% la. But, you have to get the coupon outsite

     You know what!!! my seniors are really amazing. Besides performing very incredible in study (dapat 5 terus tem colloq tw), they are superb muslimah. I adore them so much. Bukan tu jer, diorg ni wakil University dalam Intervarsity game.. pheww.. mana mau cari budak tudung labuh macam nie.

  In short, they are superb... fantastic...

Yang tudung green tu Azziyatun Zabidi @ Atun masa kat Arbatskya Sushi

 This 1 is the latest USRAH at PATIO sushi with my new USRAH group.

I drink 3 cups of coffee : Expresso, Capucino and Americano 0_O.. Balik rumah terus pengsan and badan menggigil. 2 night can't sleep

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