Monday, 5 November 2012

Jubah yang My Mum buat

Instead of baju raya yang kena guna setahun sekali, my mum jahitkan jubah. Luv u so much mum. Actually x sempat buat baju raya pun, so ganti dengan JUBAH ni. My fiance who are the one who called and asked me to wear it. But it look very nice and AYU sikit. Sikit la

I am using this JUBAH at the end of summer, during the autumn wind already blow and HELLO autumn.

In front of my apartment door - Going out to class with TALLY WEiJL cardigan

Fresh air outside apartment's balcony

Glamorous Mixed and match with TALLY WEiJL cardigan from Paris, French.

And how my mum's JUBAH look like... and i simply love it

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