Saturday, 3 November 2012

Apartment VS Hostel

Hi students out there!!!

Which one you prefer, staying outside like apartment or staying at hostel?


I am more convenient staying at apartment compare to hostel.

 Why..??? Oh lucky doeh, i don't have to share kitchen with other students. Most important thing, i don.t have to ulang alik from my room to take my stuff that i have to cook.. GOSH, such a waste of time.

Rumah dari Metro like 8 minute walking distance, but i am taking bus now since its winter, quite cold.

Owh, this is view outside my apartment, quite scary right? but u don't have to worry about the security. It is guaranty fully secured.

Outside my apartment masa senja

Senja dikala musim luruh hampir menjenguk di bumi yang dingin ini

This is the view outside my appartment during last spring (almost autumn)

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