Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kes Banduan Mati Dalam Lokap Tersebar Hingga Ke Russia, India, Ukraine

'saya mati terkejut' - The talking dead
Few days before, i asked my friends whether the news spread in my FB news feed was really happen or just a propaganda. They didn't know about it. So, i assumed that it wasn't true. The news stated that several Indian prisoner were killed in jail of Malaysia.

When i was waiting for my departure in Moscow airport, i meet 2 Indian from India who studying in Ukraine. One of them asked about the news which i ask my friend before. I was shocked. Even the foreigners know about it. (shame on my friends) I thought it just a rumor since it was happen after the election.  

I'm not pretty sure what actually happen behind this death but i just wish that Malaysia are/will be a safe place to stay, from the squatters to the parliament. 

To all Malaysian, alert to Malaysia and world issues.


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