Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Kes Banduan Mati Dalam Lokap Tersebar Hingga Ke Russia, India, Ukraine

'saya mati terkejut' - The talking dead
Few days before, i asked my friends whether the news spread in my FB news feed was really happen or just a propaganda. They didn't know about it. So, i assumed that it wasn't true. The news stated that several Indian prisoner were killed in jail of Malaysia.

When i was waiting for my departure in Moscow airport, i meet 2 Indian from India who studying in Ukraine. One of them asked about the news which i ask my friend before. I was shocked. Even the foreigners know about it. (shame on my friends) I thought it just a rumor since it was happen after the election.  

I'm not pretty sure what actually happen behind this death but i just wish that Malaysia are/will be a safe place to stay, from the squatters to the parliament. 

To all Malaysian, alert to Malaysia and world issues.


  1. ngerinya tengok...malaysia rasa tak tergamak lagi buat macam tu...insyallah

  2. ngerinyeee...takut plak tengok..

  3. ada lg yg mati kena seksa.. kesiannya tgk


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