Thursday, 2 January 2014

Anti Islam Website

I found this website when i was looking for "the muslim show". I am not promoting this site but it just so funny that they tried so hard to ruin Islam's image by spreading hatred toward Islam despite its crystal clear that Islam is growing day by day even though some of the muslim being slaughter in public through so called war

One of the images in Bare Naked Islam
A burning Al-Quran and bomb on the head.

Stop spreading hatred between religions. I believe not only Islam, Christian, Buddha, Hindu and other religion also promoting a harmony life and teach us to respect other's religion. That is what we called humanity. 

Instead of ruining Islam's image, admin of 'Bare Naked Islam' showing that he/she is not a good Christian since i have lots of christian friend and i know in bible they teach you to respect other religion. You just ruined your own image.

When a muslim break the law, do not simply judge its Islam's fault. Do not simply judge the whole muslim are breaking the same law and doing the same thing. If a person killing someone and identified as muslim, you can't simply judge the whole muslim as killer. It simply just like judging the whole christian as a drug abuse when Linsay Lohan addicted to drug or judging the whole Christian fail in marriage when Britney Spears failed in her married. No, we didn't simply judge that way.

Looking at this website, I don't feel angry at all since i know and i believe what Islam is and i keep it deep in my heart. I believe what i believe, and you believe what you believe.

One of my Chinese friend which is a buddhist said that she prefer halal meat since the taste is better.  I think its due to the way they slaughter it. The blood flow out of the meat nicely together with the unwanted microorganism like bacteria.


  1. Replies
      dalam post ni perasan tak, gambar lelaki yang pegang buku trbakar.. Tu holly al-Quran

  2. Astagfirulloh... semoga orang yang membuat website tersebut dibukakan pintu tobat agar kembali ke jalan yang benar.

  3. thanks for sharing.. kat ig pun ade... melampau betul. tapi kiteowang da report. ishh


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