Thursday, 7 February 2013

Moscow Shopping Tips

How to buy 'mountain' of clothes with small amount of money in Moscow? Low budget for shopping when you in Moscow where all branded clothes and design are collected? Chill sis. I have some tips to share.

Here we go,

1. Wait for sale
If you are walk around mall and 'fall in love deeply' with a dress from Zara or Lacoste Shoes, WAIT FOR IT. Do not directly buy it or else, you will regret it when you found out that your neighbor using the same dress but sold in lower price  than yours.

Almost every imported branded designer labels having discount up to -70% and more.

2. End Of seasons
Russian having 4 seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Auntumn. Some store are selling their items cheaply to clear their stock. For instance, at the end of autumn seasons, the store selling their dress cheaply since consumer didn't use it for winter due to changes in temperature. So, the store have to sell items related with winter. To clear the stock, LELONG!!! LELONG!!!

Fioni Night
Original price 1290 Rub = RM124.45
Buy for 150 Rub = RM15.50 
Love the shoes? Click it 

The best seasons for shopping are Winter and Summer.

Waiting for next winter for roller blade


  1. zara kat sana murah ek? i like zara men. stylo. huhu

    1. betul2.. elegant kot.. murah kalau sale..p moscow mostly original price mahal


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